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Let’s Re-Vision Education Together!

I’m a parent and I’m concerned about my kids’ education. How about you?

The world is changing so rapidly. I want my children to be able to adapt to whatever the future holds by helping them get the tools they need. But our schools need to keep up too.

I’m asking for your help to make education in Waterloo Region the best it can be. Share your knowledge, your voice and your experience. Tell me what matters to you. Together, we can create an extraordinary vision of education.

With imagination, dedication and courage I commit to:
  • Holding ongoing open discussions with you to create a broader vision for education in the future.
  • Communicating with you regularly and listening to your concerns and comments.
  • Making your voice heard at the boardroom table and acting on your behalf.

On Monday, October 25th
Please vote for Tom Schell for Waterloo Region District School Board Trustee
Ensure you have a voice in your child’s future education.


"I know Tom Schell through the fantastic work he has done for Winston Churchill as a parent, school council member and chair. Whenever he brings something to the table, he comes armed with all the information, follows through with any promises and puts our children safety first. Tom is a dedicated parent that works with our school system and represents all parents in our pursuit for a better education for our children."

-Ann Balbahadur, Parent.

Join the discussion at Coffee Culture

Every Wednesday from 7 pm
(Dupont and King St in Waterloo)
Or email me at

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